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Celine BrossardFollowing a successful career as an art director for major advertising agencies, Montreal artist Cèline Brossard devotes herself completely to painting. As of 1999, her true talent was unleashed, and to no one’s surprise, her success has risen meteorically.

As a disciplined artist and gifted creator, Brossard takes inspiration from fashion trends and uses a palette knife and various textures to enhance her impressionistic style. The artist introduces her subjects with an indisputably powerful presence, colorful characters and with an attitude in tune with today’s woman. Her paintings have been exhibited in renowned galleries and many now reside in both public and private collections across Canada, the US, Europe and Asia.



Extravagante SOLD, Extravagante SOLD

Extravagante SOLD
30 x 48

On Yourself (125), On Yourself (125)

On Yourself (125)
40 x 48

Precious SOLD, Precious SOLD

Precious SOLD
30 x 60

Taffeta SOLD, Taffeta SOLD

Taffeta SOLD
36 x 60

The Feather Dress (124) SOLD, The Feather Dress (124) SOLD

The Feather Dress (124) SOLD
48 x 40

The Passage (122) SOLD, The Passage (122) SOLD

The Passage (122) SOLD
40 x 60

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