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Frances PaleyFor more than 30 years, Rochester artist Frances Paley has been exploring various media. However, for the past decade, Paley has been involved in fine art prints utilizing photographic imagery and computer enhancement. The images are taken through the camera lens, many from scenes during travels through Europe. Each image represents a particular moment in time and the photograph’s sole change is created through color.

Holding a Bachelor of Arts degree from San Diego State University and a Masters of Fine Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology, where she has held faculty and administrative positions, Paley has exhibited nationally and internationally including exhibitions in Peru, Italy and France. Her work is in museums, corporate and private collections.

For me, these images ask the question “what is alive and what is dead?” I do not see the inanimate as “lifeless.” By photographing images that are not technically “alive” and adding color, I see them as lively and animated, reflecting feelings, attitudes and the ability to impart emotions. They embody the poignancy of memory, longing, love and loss. They mirror our vulnerability and humanity by allowing us to peek into our wistful desires to capture the ephemeral and transcend ...

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Blue Nude (170), Blue Nude (170)

Blue Nude (170)
46 x 27

Blue Veil (SOLD), Blue Veil (SOLD)

Blue Veil (SOLD)
50 x 34

Chair With Chandelier, Chair With Chandelier

Chair With Chandelier
26 x 38

Pink Hat (SOLD), Pink Hat (SOLD)

Pink Hat (SOLD)
60 x 40

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