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James SeamanUpstate New York artist Jay Seaman is consistently trying to push the envelope by working his media to its structural limits as he creates his forms. He strives to stretch these forms to the point of impossibility without sacrificing strength or essential qualities. Though Jay often sculpts whimsical people and animals, he is open to any challenge and has recently worked on such varied subjects as a five foot, stainless steel lizard which is situated outside the beautiful Gateway Commons in downtown Ithaca, New York.

Jay 's technical knowledge comes from his more than 25 years of experience in the trades of sculpting and woodworking. Besides creating sculptures, he works as an artisan for various commercial and residential building projects, for which he has received high praise.

His notable works include an elaborately carved mahogany mantel at Cornell University 's recently restored Sage Hall (featured in Fine Woodworking magazine) and a sculpture that was acquired by the Audubon House in Key West, Florida. Most recently, the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge commissioned Jay to complete a mild steel and stainless steel bald eagle with a 22 ' wing span, which will be visible ...

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Backwards Glance (SOLD), Backwards Glance (SOLD)

Backwards Glance (SOLD)
105 x 48

Blue Dragon Fly, Blue Dragon Fly

Blue Dragon Fly
95 x 95

Blue Eyed Fish (SOLD), Blue Eyed Fish (SOLD)

Blue Eyed Fish (SOLD)
44 x 48

Climbing Frog (SOLD), Climbing Frog (SOLD)

Climbing Frog (SOLD)
76 x 70

Dino, Dino

72 x 120

Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog, Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog

Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog
70 x 38

Leap Frog (SOLD), Leap Frog (SOLD)

Leap Frog (SOLD)
40 x 40

Lizard with Bug on Leaf, Lizard with Bug on Leaf

Lizard with Bug on Leaf
90 x 53

Purple Winged Friend (SOLD), Purple Winged Friend (SOLD)

Purple Winged Friend (SOLD)
39 x 48

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