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Franz BodnerFranz Bodner was born May 1966 in Klagendurt, Austria. His artistic studies included decorative art, metalwork, and interior design. At the age of 19 he decided to explore his career options in the cosmopolitan city of Vienna. In the beginning, his artistic interests had to take a back seat to his successful career in the health care industry. After four years, he could no longer deny his desire to paint full time. He began with small watercolors and moved to large oils on canvas. Soon his bright, colorful, inspirational images were exhibited in countless galleries throughout Austria.

Vienna applauded his talent. However, in 1995, Bodner moved to the Netherlands where he needed to reestablish himself in the art market. After eight years, Bodner succeeded in making a name for himself in the Pop Art arena. His artwork is now being distributed in the United States, Austria, Germany, as well as the Netherlands.

The secret of Franz Bodner 's success is his patience, talent, and professionalism, combined with an unshakeable positive outlook. Bodner portrays his own view of the world using these qualities and abilities. They influence his personal ...

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Beach Babe, Beach Babe

Beach Babe
40 x 47

Care Free Kids, Care Free Kids

Care Free Kids
16 x 16

Cats In Love, Cats In Love

Cats In Love
16 x 16

Fly a Kite, Fly a Kite

Fly a Kite
16 x 16

Parenthood, Parenthood

16 x 16

Seaview, Seaview

47 x 55

The Countess, The Countess

The Countess
49 x 49

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