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Aleah KouryAleah Koury is an impressionist with a contemporary flair as evidenced by his command of subject matter ranging from mysterious abstracted landscape and stately romantic gardens to his boldly geometric yet purely harmonious jazz series.

The artist relies on the sensory use of color in his work which evokes a mood that is soft, yet intense. The palette in his atmospheric pastels simulates landscapes with subtle horizons, separating earth, water and sky. Rich in color, Koury 's abstract landscapes depict impressionistic skies which flow gracefully into horizons accented with dunes and reeds. Rich, jewel-toned clouds sweep across skies of contrasting and complementary colors, creating romantic, modern landscapes.

The jazz series combines a playful dance of color with gold leaf and metallic foils, intertwining shapes to create a sense of spontaneous drama, rhythm and fluid movement. Koury 's jazz series reveals his accomplished background in both ceramics and printmaking in the layered surfaces, lyrical quality of the drawing and finely rendered balance of color and design.



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