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Ken Orton "I am an academic artist, using a classic oil painting technique on a prepared canvas surface. My general concern, and the theme of most of my work, is the rendering of light and its interaction with surfaces, both natural and man made. In more recent years, I've been exploring the limits to which a photo real image can be developed into an expressionistic painting while retaining its photo real qualities. My subject matter is often that which most people would reject or dismiss as having little aesthetic value. I hope to breathe new life and shine new light into the dark and lifeless subject, to test the subjectivity of its aesthetic values. "

Orton was born in Birmingham, England in 1951 and educated at Birmingham and Manchester College of Art. He taught analytical drawing at Moseley College of Art before moving to Spain in 1979, where he headed the Centro de Arte de Joan Miro for the Balearics International School of Palma de Mallorca for 20 years. During this period of time, Orton became known for his portraiture, which included commissions of European royalty. In 1999, he left Spain and moved to the ...

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An Opera, An Opera

An Opera
36 x 54

Hold My Hand, Hold My Hand

Hold My Hand
36 x 54

Malted Slogh (SOLD), Malted Slogh (SOLD)

Malted Slogh (SOLD)
34 x 48

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