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Bill SaundersThe list of feelings aroused by Bill Saunders landscapes is endless. Any creative person will insist that in order to create a true masterpiece, an artist has to know his subject intimately and have the strongest of feelings about it. As a notable artist once said "a picture is not the reflection of a thing seen, but a compound of feelings aroused in the artist by the things seen. "

Born March 7, 1948 in the Province of Quebec, bordering on the state of Vermont, Bill Saunders began sketching at the age of 4 and painting at age 12. Painting initially with oils, Bill soon switched to acrylics which better suited his technique. His work took on a realistic style as he strove to include even the smallest details.

For years he painted only for pure personal enjoyment but slowly his work began to gain critical recognition. In 1977, Bill realized what most of us search for much longer - that life should be about doing what you love and in so doing, making all those whose lives touch yours a little fuller. He made the diffcult decision to risk financial ...

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Colorful October (141), Colorful October (141)

Colorful October (141)
18 x 24

Down the Long Winding Road (134), Down the Long Winding Road (134)

Down the Long Winding Road (134)
15 x 18

Old Country Road (133), Old Country Road (133)

Old Country Road (133)
15 x 18

On Vacation (140) SOLD, On Vacation (140) SOLD

On Vacation (140) SOLD
18 x 24

Quiet Bay (137), Quiet Bay (137)

Quiet Bay (137)
16 x 20

Reflections of Autumn (139) SOLD, Reflections of Autumn (139) SOLD

Reflections of Autumn (139) SOLD
16 x 20

Summer By The Lake (136), Summer By The Lake (136)

Summer By The Lake (136)
16 x 20

Summer Vacation (135) SOLD, Summer Vacation (135) SOLD

Summer Vacation (135) SOLD
15 x 18

Walking Bridge (138), Walking Bridge (138)

Walking Bridge (138)
16 x 20

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