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Ludmila CurilovaArtists Statement
Painting has always been important to me. It acts as the magic mirror through which I share my perception of the world. The unspoken statement in my work is that inside every woman is a princess.

Curilova's paintings take time and patience to create. Each piece is taken through many complex stages before it is finally considered complete.

All of her paintings start with a number of small study sketches on paper. These sketches are refined until she is satisfied with the final composition. The sketch is then drawn, full size, onto the canvas. Using acrylic paint, and in some cases oil, she develops a multi-layered piece that is simultaneously simple and complex. The juxtaposition of matte and shiny surfaces and the use of rich golden colors enhance the three-dimensional quality of her work.

When the painting stage is complete she begins to work the hidden elements into her pieces. Using both sharp brushes and palette knives Curilova scratches the finer details into the piece. Through these details she creates a magical composition of dispersed reality.

Ludmila Curilova was born and raised ...

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Untitled (007), Untitled (007)

Untitled (007)
48 x 29

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