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MS ParkM.S. Park was born August 11, 1951 in Eum-Sung, Chung-Buk, Korea. He did not begin to paint until he was 26 years old, when he was encouraged to develop his skill at pencil sketching seascapes and garden scenes. In 1977, he began training at the I.A.D. Company near his home and moved to painting with oils. He became successful in Korea with his paintings of lush gardens and woodlands, full of detail, intense color and deep textures. Park is quiet and introverted, preferring to read books and listen to music in his off-hours. However, his love of the brush and his desire to become famous and successful both in Korea and the United States leaves little time for relaxation. Married, with an adult daughter, Park has exhibited at the Korea Artists Exhibition in Seoul, the Inchon Cultural Art Center, and has traveled within the United States, sketching scenes to be captured later on canvas. He is a member of the Korea Art Association.



Autumn Brook (159), Autumn Brook (159)

Autumn Brook (159)
36 x 48

Autumn Calm (155), Autumn Calm (155)

Autumn Calm (155)
36 x 48

Autumn Day (146) SOLD, Autumn Day (146) SOLD

Autumn Day (146) SOLD
36 x 48

Golden Foot Path (148), Golden Foot Path (148)

Golden Foot Path (148)
36 x 48

Majestic Cove (158) SOLD, Majestic Cove (158) SOLD

Majestic Cove (158) SOLD
48 x 36

Rocky Trail (154), Rocky Trail (154)

Rocky Trail (154)
36 x 48

Still Water Resides (152), Still Water Resides (152)

Still Water Resides (152)
36 x 48

Through the Birches (144) SOLD, Through the Birches (144) SOLD

Through the Birches (144) SOLD
36 x 48

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